As the industry continues to evolve, so too does the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA). The key changes this year are –

Vermouth Category

Acknowledging the re-emergence of vermouth as a once again fashionable aperitif and intended to encapsulate what is unique about Australian vermouth, the 2021 ADSA will recognise excellence in domestic production with the awarding of the Champion Vermouth Trophy, the only award of its type in Australia.

Entries will be grouped for assessment according to indicated style (extra dry, dry, semi-dry and sweet) and predominant flavourings (wine base, botanicals), with an understanding that Australian vermouths are typically New World in style.


Gin Category

Making up for more than half the number of entries, the Gin category of the ADSA has once again been reworked to better reflect industry trends and acknowledge the growth in the category and in 2021 will award not one but four trophies across the category –

• Champion London Dry Gin
• Champion New World / Contemporary Gin
• Champion Navy Gin
• Champion Other Gin (Not LD, NW or Navy)

In addition, the 2021 ADSA will see the inclusion of a Wine Gin class (GIN007) with entries being eligible for the new Champion Other Gin (Not LD, NW or Navy) Trophy.


Cane Spirits Category

Expanding on the introduction last year of two new Cane Spirit classes in the Alternative Spirits category, these will from their own category in 2021 and will see the awarding of a new Champion Cane Spirit Trophy.  The category will have two classes –

  1. CNE001 – Cane Spirit
  2. CNE002 – Spiced Cane Spirit