Following a detailed review of the competition and through comprehensive consultation with our Industry Advisory Group, the 2023 Awards sees the revision of a number of categories and classes.

Split of ‘Best Vodka’ Trophy

To better represent the growth of the Vodka category and difference between the two styles, the Best Vodka trophy has been split into two new trophies – ‘Best Neutral Vodka’ and ‘Best Flavoured Vodka’. See pages 16-18 for details of the revised class structure.

Introduction of “Best Wine / Grape Gin” Trophy

To reflect the growth of Wine / Fruit Gins in the Awards, the classes now vie for their own trophy.

See pages 16-18 for details of the revised class structure.

New Design Award

This year, the Awards give distillers, designers and marketing teams the opportunity showcase their incredible bottle designs and benchmark against others in the Australian Spirits Industry to an esteemed panel of design judges.

The Design Award is intended to highlight spirits packaging which can be appreciated  for its aesthetics, functionality, environmental impact and novelty.

See pages 23 for details of the judging, criteria for the Design Award

Exhibitors won’t be required to send an additional bottle to those entered to be tasted.

Minimum ABV of Spirit

To bring the Awards in-line with the Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 2.7.5, The minimum ABV for all ‘Spirit’ classes is 37%.

Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code 2.7.5

“spirit means a potable alcoholic distillate, including whisky, brandy, rum, gin, vodka and Agave Spirit, which, unless otherwise required by this Standard, contains at least 37% alcohol by volume, produced by distillation of fermented liquor derived from food sources, so as to have the taste, aroma and other characteristics generally attributable to that particular spirit.”

Introduction of LIQ006 – Gin Liqueur

Introduced to better define Liqueurs with a Gin base, with added sugar. 

For the definition of Gin Liqueur and classes please see pages 18–19.

Changes to Rum & Cane Spirit

Exhibitors will be asked if the Rum or Cane Spirit is made from Mollasses or Sugar/Cane, to help judges assess the product.

To assist Judges in assessing the product with greater accuracy, Exhibitors will be asked if Rum or Cane Spirits are made from Molasses or Sugar/Cane.

Minimum ABV for Overproof Rum classes are now 57.15%

For the definition of Rum and Cane Spirit please see pages 19-20.

Changes to ALT006 – Agave 

The requirement for entries to be made from exclusively from Australian-grown Agave has been removed.

Exhibitor & Trade Tasting

The 2023 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards sees the return of the Exhibitor and Trade Tasting at Melbourne Showgrounds on Friday 4 August, from 12pm till 2pm, following the announcement of results.

Exhibitors and trade are encouraged to “Save the date” with further details to follow.