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The entries received in the Makers and Creators Competition have been incredible! Thank you to each and everyone who participated and a big thank you to our judges for assessing the entries.

Makers and Creators Competition Popular Choice Voting

The judges have had their say, and now it’s your turn! View the videos in this playlist via @ArtCraftandCookery on Facebook to vote in the Popular Choice competition. 

Makers and Creators Competition Section Winners

Congratulations to the following winners as selected by our judging panels:

Open Patchwork Winners

1st place: Alison Monger @ajmonger28 – Grey Ombre Patchwork Quilt 

2nd place: Anne-Maree Ross @annemaree.ross_craft – Trains Patchwork Quilt 

3rd place: Nadine Bond – Flowers in Vase Patchwork Quilt 

These winners were selected for their neat and technically proficient patchworking, impressive applique and carefully considered fabric colours.

Open Toys Winners

1st place: Kate @knitchetwithkate  Ollie the Octopus 

2nd place: Anne-Maree Ross @annemaree.ross_craft  Gingerbread House 

3rd place: Danny Williams  Infant’s Wooden Mobile 

These winners were selected for their precision in crafting their toy, the fine detail employed and the play appeal of each creation, all of which are sure to delight children of all ages. 

Junior Art Winners

1st place: Ayla Johnston, Mount Erin College – Black Plague 

2nd place: Michael Doyle, Assumption College Kilmore – Cultures and People 

3rd place: Xavier Pranoto, Ivanhoe East Primary School – 3D Lockdown House 

These winners were selected for their creativity, the thorough explanation of their mediums and motivations, and the originality of their beautiful creations.

Open Decorated Cakes Winners

1st place: Nola Cordell – Alice in Wonderland Cake 

2nd place: Suphen Rajakulendran  Tiered Holy Communion Cake 

3rd place: Kerryn Croce – Wedding and Cat Cake 

These winners were selected for the careful detail, neat presentation and creativity shown in designing and bringing their cakes to life.

Open Decorated Cupcakes Winners

1st place: Sarah Pranoto – Buttercream Roses in a Cone

2nd place: Anne-Maree Ross – Passionfruit Art, Craft and Cookery Cupcakes

3rd place: Narelle Griffin – Orange Icing Cupcakes with Chocolate Butterflies

These winners were selected for the fine and delicate detail of their cupcake designs, along with their neat presentation and unique decorations. Well done and #keepcreating!

Junior Design Technology Winners

1st place: Ruby – Crocheted Alpaca 

2nd place: Deanne Groom, Loyola College – Purple Dress 

3rd place: Izzy De Wijn – Crocheted Bag 

These winners were selected for the level of difficulty in the designsthe techniques and processes employed to create their piece and the beautiful presentation of the finished product. 

Open Lace Winners

1st place: Maree Langley – Lace Shop 

2nd place: Lindy De Wijn – Diamond Creek Bobbin Lace 

3rd place: Jill Neil – Purple and Orange Tatted Cotton 

These winners were selected for the fine detail and techniques used to create their lace, along with the structure and lifelike nature of the finished product.

Open Papercraft Winners

1st place: Gail Stiffe – ‘Month’ Book with Natural Inks 

2nd place: Narelle Griffin – Flowers Quilling 

3rd place: Barbara Adams – ‘Stitch’ Papercraft Book 

These winners were selected for the unique concepts of their creations, the precision in executing their skills and the carefully considered paper choices.

Open Art Winners

1st place: Irina Harry – Felt Turtle 

2nd place: Kathleen Ford – Orchids in a Dragon Bowl Stumpwork 

3rd place: Peter Parussolo – ‘Harvest’ Woodcrafted Plaque 

These winners were selected for their meticulous expression, careful detail, and the artists’ inspirations to connect their pieces to contemporary and relevant stories. Well done and #keepcreating! 

Junior Photography Winners

1st place: Indi Rainbow Lovick – ‘Loving Lockdown’ Fence Letters 

2nd place: Lola Sargasso, Nossal High School – Selfie in Mirror 

3rd place: Sophie ZarafaKoonung Secondary College – Flower in Hand 

These winners were selected for the aesthetic composition of their photos, the meaning that each photographer found in their subject and the confidence they showed in sharing the story of their work on video.

Sophie Zarafa, Koonung Secondary College – Flower in Hand

Sophie Zarafa, Koonung Secondary College – Flower in Hand

Open Restricted Winners

1st place: Jane Spracklan – Black Lives Matter Paper Mache 

2nd place: Andigoni Hantz – Dog and Boat Drawing 

3rd place: Tessa Barber – Papercraft Card 

These winners were selected for the creativity and clear vision in the designs, the precise execution in producing their work and the passion in presenting their craft.

Open Preserves Winners

1st place: Sarah Pranoto – Blackberry Jam 

2nd place: Jacqui Hollier – Fruit Preserves 

3rd place: Nayomie Priyadarshanie Wijasooriya – Traditional Vegetable Preserves 

These winners were selected for the vivacity of their produce (even without being able to sample them!), the careful and considered presentation and the passion with which each exhibitor spoke about their entry. 

Open Photography Winners

1st place: Jasmine Hirst – Sisters 

2nd place: Danny Williams – Black and White Still Life 

3rd place: Sarah Pranoto – Dancing in Lockdown 

These winners were selected for the beautiful composition of their photos, their technical proficiency in capturing the shot and the meaning that each photographer has found in their images. 

Open Basketry Winners

1st place: Jill Taylor – Green Yarn Basket 

2nd place: Rebecca Daly-Mair – Blue Seams Basket 

3rd place: Rebecca Daly-Mair – Repurposed Men’s Pyjamas Basket 

These winners were selected for the structural soundness of their creations, the choice of colours and careful detail, and the personal storytelling shared in presenting their baskets on video.

Junior Healthy Muffins Winners

1st place: Hana Cruickshank – Pear, Olive Oil and Rosemary Muffins 

Hana impressed the judges with her beautifully baked muffins, their healthy ingredients and her confidence in presenting them on video.

Junior Decorated Cupcakes Winners

1st place: Emily Phillips, Kilvington Grammar School – Lockdown Cupcakes (fondant) 

2nd place: Grace Pranoto, Ivanhoe East Primary School – Garden Cupcakes 

3rd place: Isla Murphy, Eltham High School – Lockdown Cupcakes (icing) 

These winners were selected for their incredible creativity, the relevance of their chosen designs to current times, and their confidence in sharing their methods and motivations on video.