Why Should I Enter?

Raise and care for young hens, track their performance and prepare them for judging by commercial egg industry experts in the Melbourne Royal Schools Poultry Competition.

The Melbourne Royal Schools Poultry Competition offers a unique hands-on educational experience for students and can assist with developing new skills, encouraging responsible behaviour and inspiring new interests and career options. 

The journey begins with each of the competing schools receiving five young Hy-Line Brown Commercial pullets in early June and a commitment to feed and care for the birds. 

Schools will weigh and collect eggs, tracking the performance of the pullets through to delivery of their best three birds to the Melbourne Royal Show in September for judging.  

Accompanying their entry, schools will also develop a creative poster showcasing their progression which becomes part of the Melbourne Royal Show Schools Poultry display. 

Each day through the Show, eggs will be collected and placed on display and then judged.  

Schools can also participate in the Schools Poultry Film Awards –the most creative video about caring for the birds and preparing them for Show will win a cash prize and ribbon. 

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to give students a hands-on experience raising and caring for young poultry.  

The Handbook for the 2024 Melbourne Royal Schools Poultry Competition can be found here.