15 of the Best Animal Experiences at the Show

Discover your favourite animal activities at the 2019 Royal Melbourne Show.

From pampered pooches and fluffy alpacas to the biggest bulls and majestic horses, more than ten thousand animals will grace Melbourne Showgrounds over 11 days of Show – add these 15 experiences to your list of things to do on your Show visit.


  1. A moment with the Show’s cutest baby animals

    There's only one thing better than cute animals - cute baby animals! Get your daily ‘awww’ fix in the Biostime Animal Nursery - the place to visit the Show’s resident lambs, calves, kids and more.

  2. Aussie animal experience

    The animals of Australia are unique and fascinating (and sometimes difficult to spot in the wild). Donnybrook Wildlife Rescue has been rescuing and rehabilitating injured animals for 20 years and three times a day in the Biostime Animal Nursery you can interact with some of the extraordinary Aussie animals that share the land with our farm favourites.

  3. You’ve goat to see this!

    Pygmy goats are gentle, friendly and funny animals and they’ll be at the Show for one day only in the Livestock Pavilion. If you can’t get enough of the inquisitive farm animals, there will be heaps of daily opportunities to meet, pet and feed goats of all shapes and sizes in the Biostime Animal Nursery and First National Real Estate Farmyard.

  4. The Magnificent Seven Performing Horse Team

    Marvel at the bond between human and horse as seven majestic Australian Stock Horses take to the Channel 7 Entertainment Precinct under the careful eye of well-known Australian horseman, Luke Thomas. Expect dancing, painting and lots of fun in this stunning performance.

  5. Alpaca your bags and get ready for an alpaca-lypse

    Few animals have the power to make us smile quite like alpacas. They’re funny, fluffy and curious. It’ll be a total alpaca-lypse with up to 200 cuddly alpacas parading around the ring as the Alpaca Competition takes over the Black Hawk Dogs Pavilion on the last two days of Show. You can also get close to these curious creatures daily in the Biostime Animal Nursery and First National Real Estate Farmyard.

  6. Milk a cow or shear a sheep

    Every once in a wool you’ll get the opportunity to experience something new and out of the ordinary. Delve into farmlife by shearing a sheep or milking a cow at the Big M Milking Experience in the Livestock Pavilion.

  7. See your favourite dog shine in the ring!

    From Beagles and Border Collies to Dachshunds and Dalmatians, you can find your favourite poochesparading, jumping and tackling obstacles in the Royal Melbourne Show All Breeds Championship Show. You’d be barking mad not to visit the Black Hawk Dogs Pavilion! Visit on day 10 to see which charismatic canine wins top dog.

  8. Best cows around - no bull!

    There’s plenty to see and do in the Livestock Pavilion when the cattle come to town. Watch the crowning of the cutest calf in the Calf Classic, see what the big boys weigh in at (hint: it’s up to a massive 1300kg!) and be amoosed through learning about the different breeds including the Show’s feature breed, the Mighty Angus.

  9. Learn about caring for animals

    Chat to friendly Farmer Darryl in the First National Real Estate Farmyard as he answers questions about his life spent caring for wonderful creatures and shares his tips on how to care for cows, sheep, alpacas, poultry and more!

  10. The K9 Ninja Challenge

    Get ready to see some serious talent as canines go claw-to-claw to compete in the ultimate dog obstacle course. Pitting canine competitors (and their handlers) against each other, the K9 Ninja Challenge will sort the puppies from pawthletes.

  11. Grand Cattle Parade

    Watch as the show’s biggest stage, the Herald Sun Arena, comes to life with 250 of Australia's finest cattle of all breeds and sizes parading their blue ribbon achievements in front of more than 5000 visitors. This amazing spectacle is a Show tradition.

  12. Round ‘em up!

    You’ll see that brains trumps beauty as intelligent, speedy working dogs round up sheep in the Channel 7 Entertainment Precinct just as they would on the farm. Led by farmer Jack, learn how the dogs are trained to listen to his commands and safely guide the flock to their destination.

  13. Horses in Action

    Grab a snack, sit down and relax to witness the grace, agility, precision and poise of the best riders and show horses in the Horses in Action program on the Herald Sun Arena.

  14. See more than 800 cattle and 700 sheep

    No Show visit is complete without spending time among the thousands of animals in the Livestock Pavilion. See the heavyweights of the agricultural world compete for blue-ribbon glory with more than 800 cattle expected to take over the Pavilion. In celebration of 100 years of an iconic breed in Australia, at least 150 of these mighty cattle will be the Angus breed.

    The Livestock Pavilion animal schedule is constantly changing with over 700 sheep on display over the first three days of the show. From Thursday 26 September onward the pavilion will be home to the beef cattle exhibits. Be sure to plan ahead so you don't miss out on your favourite farmyard friend.

  15. Learn all about your favourite sheep and iconic breeds

    Have you ever wondered what makes each sheep breed different? Spot the difference between rams, ewes and lambs as you view these adorable creatures up close in the Livestock Pavilion. Improve your livestock knowledge at the Heritage Sheep Display through learning about the history of sheep and wool in Victoria. If you’re coming along to day one of Show, don’t miss out on seeing the judging of our 2019 feature sheep breed, the wonderful Wiltshire Horn.

With so many animal activities at the All New Royal Melboune Show, you’ll have fun ‘til the cows come home! Get your tickets and plan your Show visit using the daily program.