GE, KM and NE Harrop named 2018 McLennan-McColl Flock of the Year Champion

After two solid days of judging across Bendigo, Ballarat and Serpentine, the 2018 McLennan-McColl 
Flock of the Year champion has been named with Mr Nicholas Harrop of GE, KM and NE Harrop awarded 
the prestigious honour.

Presented by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria in partnership with Merino Victoria, the 
competition saw seven properties in the region open their gates to judges John Crawford of Rock- 
Bank Merino Stud and Daniel Rogers of Mount Yulong Poll Merino Stud.udging.

“I was shocked but privileged to be named the winner. It was a great experience and encouraging to 
see that we are on the right track with our breeding. Congratulations to all breeders who entered 
the competition and to RASV and Merino Victoria for organising the event,” Mr Harrop said after 
receiving the award.

The results were announced on Thursday evening during the Flock of the Year presentation dinner, 
held at the National Hotel in Bendigo.

Named in honour of two of the Merino industry’s most well-respected, wool producer, Neil McLennan 
and sheep classer, Keith McColl, the award celebrates and assists with improving the quality of 
Victoria’s merino ewe flocks and was this year supported by Merino Victoria, Landmark, Elders and 

The judges agreed the selection was a difficult process given the high standard of entries in this 
year’s selected region.

“Congratulations to all the entrants for having the courage to display their sheep to the public. 
The standard of sheep on display was fantastic and showcased the many strengths of the merino 
industry,” judge Daniel Rogers said during Thursday’s presentation.

Other entrants, fellow producers and interested parties were able to view entrants’ production 
systems and learn best practice management with competing properties open over the days of judging.