Grange Garlic: A Gold Medal Journey in Freshness and Quality

On Thursday, July 13, 2023, Melbourne Royal unveiled the results of the highly anticipated 2023 Australian Food Awards’ Sweet & Savoury Preserves category. After a three-year hiatus, this year's competition witnessed an impressive 324 entries spanning 12 diverse categories, culminating in the bestowing of Gold, Silver, and Bronze Medals, along with three major Trophies.

In a remarkable feat, Grange Garlic, in their debut entry, clinched a prestigious Gold Medal in the Pickled, Fermented, or Preserved Fruit or Vegetables category.

To unravel the story behind this accomplishment, we had the pleasure of speaking with Wayne Schild, the founder and owner of Grange Garlic, shedding light on the uniqueness of their products and the significance of this coveted award.

Grange Garlic stands out by producing Australian fresh minced garlic, a departure from the commonly found imported dehydrated garlic with added preservatives. Wayne Schild emphasises the freshness of their product, grown and minced in their HACCP certified processing facility situated on their Victoria-based family farm.

"It’s simply fresh minced garlic with 3% lemon juice, that's all!"

When queried about their business philosophy, Schild proudly elaborated on Grange Garlic's vision for healthy soils, plants, and food. Their mission revolves around being the best in terms of people, equipment, knowledge, and application, all aimed at achieving national availability. Diligence, integrity, and value for their people from the core of their business values.

Looking ahead, Grange Garlic aspires for recognition as the go-to garlic. Schild envisions their product being synonymous with quality and freshness, a staple in every kitchen across Australia.

The winning product, a raw and stable minced garlic with an unprecedented 12-month shelf life without refrigeration or treatment, showcases Grange Garlic's commitment to innovation and quality.

Winning the Gold Medal is more than an accolade for Grange Garlic; it is a validation of their journey, dedication, and the hurdles overcome to produce an all-Australian, world-first wet minced garlic.

As for the future impact on their business, Schild believes this award is a platform to educate Australians about the distinction in using fresh, Australian-grown garlic. It is an opportunity to encourage consumers to choose local produce, exemplified by the quality reflected in Grange Garlic's Gold Medal victory.

For those curious to explore the world of Grange Garlic online, they can be found on Facebook (@GrangeGarlic) and Instagram (@GrangeGarlic) under the hashtag #GrangeGarlic. The journey of Grange Garlic, marked by dedication, innovation, and now, a Gold Medal, is an inspiring tale of Australian culinary excellence.

For those eager to savour the award-winning Grange Garlic, the products are available through their website's stockist list or can be conveniently found at local independent fruit and vegetable stores nationwide.