It's Blue Ribbon time

The true stars of the Show are the animals and their handlers all vying to win a coveted Melbourne Royal blue ribbon, from livestock and their handlers to show horses and their champion riders, poultry and their fanciers and the championship dogs and their owners.

From the most intricate creations of the art, craft and cookery entrants and the strength and skill of the woodchoppers all striving to claim a Melbourne Royal blue ribbon.

For more details, check the Daily Planner or visit the Show website for more information about what’s on, and when.

Check out the below links for more information:


· Sheep

· Beef Carcase

· Alpacas

· Beef Cattle

Horses in Action

From the athleticism and excitement of the show jumping to the grace of the lovable Clydesdales and the majesty of the Equestrian Turnouts, the Horses in Action Program features the nation’s best horses and riders as they strive for blue ribbon glory.

Sections include:

· Saddle Ponies & Junior Riding – Wednesday 21 September (Pre-Show)

· Saddle (over 14 hands) Saturday 24 September & Sunday 25 September

· Show jumping Tuesday 27 September to Friday 30 September

· Led Clydesdales Wednesday 28 September

· Harness (Heavy & Light) Saturday 1 October & Sunday 2 October

· Sporting Horses Sunday 2 October

Check out the full list of horse events at this year’s Melbourne Royal Show here


Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout

The Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout continues to be one of the most anticipated and celebrated horse events on Australia's equestrian calendar. The event is named in memory of champion horse, Garryowen, whose owner Violet Murrell, one of Australia's foremost show riders, died trying to save him from a stable fire in 1934. Since then, the Garryowen Equestrienne Turnout has seen Australia's best female riders vying to win the prestigious trophy. The horses and riders are judged on saddlery, costume, general appearance, riding ability, manners, pace and conformation.

Horses in Action Arena on 26 Sept 10:00am – 1:00pm to watch this incredible event live.