Newly appointed members to Committees and Industry Advisory Groups

Melbourne Royal has a number of Competitions Committees and Industry Advisory Groups who provide support and expert advice across the Melbourne Royal Show competitions and Melbourne Royal food and beverage award programs.  

Members of these committees and industry advisory groups are appointed by the Melbourne Royal Board and are specialists in their field. They provide insight into the latest industry trends and movements and advice on how to refine and further advance and grow the competitions, awards programs and events.  

Melbourne Royal is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Show Competitions Committees:   

  • Tyron Atkinson – All Breeds Championship Dogs Show  
  • Ramona Barry - Art, Craft and Cookery  
  • Annette Fitton - Art, Craft and Cookery  
  • Patrick Anderson - Dairy Cattle 
  • Kristen Davis - Dairy Cattle 

Melbourne Royal is pleased to welcome the following new members to our Industry Advisory groups:   

  • Julian White - Australian Distilled Spirts Awards 
  • Luke McCarthy - Australian Distilled Spirts Awards

Melbourne Royal highly values and appreciates the involvement and support of all members who volunteer their valuable time to be members of Competition Committees and Industry Advisory Groups. Their involvement greatly contributes to maximising the appeal and success of Melbourne Royal events and award programs. 

If you would like to find out more about getting a volunteer or employment opportunities and being part of the Melbourne Royal community, all current positions are listed on our website at