RASV to deliver the "Recharge Program" for drought and fire affected communities

Recharge Program is an innovative initiative, endorsed by the Minister for Agriculture, that provides relief to drought and bushfire affected communities and aims to helps build resilience in our farming communities.

Regional communities are some of the most vibrant and resilient in Australia. However, if you live in regional, rural or remote areas, you are less likely to have access to support services and professionals that can provide help and support when times are tough.

The Recharge Program offers rural and farming families that have suffered through prolonged drought conditions (and now bushfires) with an opportunity to get some well-deserved respite and take some time away from their farm.

Additionally, the program creates links for farmers, and their families, to mental health and wellbeing support.

People living in rural areas are more likely to seek help from people they trust. The Recharge Program will build connections with the most drought impacted farmers and link them and their families to mental health and wellbeing support.

Included in the program are the two major components of:

A weekend in Melbourne provided to farming families who experience some of the best sport and entertainment options Melbourne can deliver, or, can relax and enjoy Melbourne’s sights and sounds.

Shearing Shed Shows that offer a live, intimate gig that is performed on the farms of those doing it the hardest.

The RASV is proud to house and support the Recharge Program at Melbourne Showgrounds and to provide connections and integration that ensures the program assists and strengthens regional adaptability within these dynamic conditions.

We look forward to sharing updates of the Recharge Program with our members throughout 2020.