Remote judging for the 2020 Australian distilled spirits awards made possible by Plasdene Glass-Pak

The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV) advises that the judging of the 2020 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards (ADSA) will take place remotely on Tuesday 13 and Wednesday 14 October with trophy judging occurring on Monday 26 October 

With the health and safety of our judges remaining the priority, judging will be conducted via an online platform, thereby allowing the interstate judges to continue their involvement. 

Having previously been postponed in March due to the COVID-19 pandemic, RASV CEO Brad Jenkins stated that through ongoing consultation with industry, remote judging was deemed an appropriate method to allow the ADSA to continue safely in 2020.  

“The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria is pleased to provide an innovative alternative to judge the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards online in 2020,” said Mr Jenkins.  

Maintaining a safe workspace for the judges was integral to this decision and through consultation with industry, we believe the online judging will maximise the involvement of high calibre judges and ensure that entries are assessed by the distilling industry’s best people,” Mr Jenkins concluded. 

Long-term ADSA partner Plasdene Glass-Pak provided the packaging solution for the online judging to take place simultaneously across Australia, and this October more than 4,000 samples will be distributed to the judges in unmarked Plasdene Glass-Pak bottles. 

Plasdene Glass-Pak General Manager, Jayne Pearson, was delighted to assist the RASV in adapting to the online judging.  

This year, more than ever, we’ve seen swift market changes, customers experiencing unusual demand surges or supply chain disruption, and businesses and events needing to pivot in a hurry!  

With over 10,000 product lines and a “make it happen” approach towards doing business, we had a solution to help the Australian Distilled Spirits Awards rapidly adapt to virtual judging," said Ms Pearson.   

We are delighted to strengthen our partnership with ADSA through the supply of our single serve bottles and closures. We wish all entrants the best of luck for success in the show, concluded Ms Pearson.  

ADSA Competition Manager, Michael Katoa, was excited to lead this innovation and was confident that the online judging would allow the Awards to maintain its standard for benchmarking excellence 

A number of initiatives have been introduced that will ensure the integrity of the judging remains to the highest standard. 

“Judges will receive their allocated samples in non-branded small spirits bottles, provided by Plasdene Glass-Pak, marked with an allocated tasting order number, separate from the catalogue (exhibit) number, to ensure the anonymity of the exhibit and to protect the integrity of the judging process, said Mr Katoa.  

“The judges will also receive the Plumm Whiskey Glass to judge from as the official judging glass for the 2020 awards, Mr Katoa concluded. 

Recognising the long tradition of distilling in Australia as well as the new generation of emerging spirits and liqueur producers, the award program, conducted by The Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria (RASV), provides Australian distillers with an essential benchmarking and networking opportunity.  

For more information visit or email or follow RASofVIC on Facebook or @rasofvic on Instagram.

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