Showbag Portal Online Help

There’s nothing like showing off your product at the Melbourne Royal® Show!

To help deliver a world-class event experience for both exhibitors and attendees, Melbourne Royal® has developed some exciting enhancements to our online showbags system.

Accessing the Portal
  • Go to
  • Logon using the email address that receives Melbourne Royal® correspondence as your username and Melbourne Royal® password
  • This will open the showbag portal
Adding a new user
  • To add a new user please contact the Melbourne Royal®
  • Include the full name, email address, phone number and company name of the new user
Initial portal access
  • After logging into the portal you will see a list of showbags all with a status of Draft
  • The showbags are based on your showbag offering last year
  • All showbags must have a status of Approved, Ready for Sample prior to submitting samples to Melbourne Royal®.
Showbag Status




  • Showbag is yet to be reviewed
  • Showbag needs to be reviewed and then approved, or set to not offered

Approved, Ready  for Sample

  • Showbag description, contents, image and location reviewed and Melbourne Royal® is ready to receive sample showbags
  • To set this status, select Approve within showbag details  

Showbag Not  Offered

  • Showbag will not be sold this year
  • To set this status, select Not Offered within showbag details

Sample not  received

  • This status is set by Melbourne Royal®
  • RASV has not received sample of showbag by testing due date

Follow Up

  • This status is set by Melbourne Royal®
  • Melbourne Royal® has an issue with the contents of the Showbag and needs to contact showbag vendor prior to approving showbag for sale

Sample Received,  Approved

  • Melbourne Royal® has received sample, tested and approved
  • Showbags at this status will be included in the Melbourne Royal®Show Showguide and on the Showbag listings

Out of Stock

  • Showbag is out of stock
  • This status is set by Melbourne Royal®
Add a new showbag
  • Select the New Showbag button on the top right hand side of the Showbag Portal
  • A dialogue box will appear. Enter the name of the showbag you would like to add then select Create
  • Proceed with entering showbag details, items, image and locations
Showbag Details
  • By default any time you select or create a showbag you will be directed to the showbag details tab
  • The details below describe your Showbag and will be used by patrons searching the Melbourne Royal® Show website for showbags. All fields are mandatory unless otherwise indicated

Field Name



  • Showbag name that will be printed in the showbag guide.
  • Use sentence case
  • No capitals unless a brand name e.g. Acme girl showbag
  • No registration marks

List Price

  • Numeric price with decimal point e.g. 25.00

Special Promotions

  • Optional Field – Usually left blank
  • This is not a tagline for the showbag
  • Used only where there is a special promotion when buying this showbag in conjunction with other showbags e.g. 2 showbags for $10

Primary Category

  • Select from the drop down list
  • Your showbag will be listed under this category in the Melbourne Royal® Melbourne Show Showguide

Secondary Category

  • Optional
  • Select from the drop down list
  • This category will be used for web searches


  • Select from the dropdown list 


  • Select Yes or No for each age category


  • Keywords that people may use when searching the Melbourne Royal® Show showbags search for your showbag
  • Separate each keyword with a comma
Showbag items
  • Select the Items tab
  • To add an item select the Add button on the top right-hand side of the table
  • You will be prompted to enter the following details

Field Name



  • Quantity of this item in the showbag
  • Numeric values only e.g. enter 5  in this field for 5 chocolate bars


  • A very brief description of the item
  • All descriptions should be in lower case with the exception of brand names
  • e.g. Acme chocolate bars where Acme is the brand name
  • Do not include trademarks or registration marks
  • Magazines need to indicate in brackets if they are the current or back issue e.g. Melbourne Royal® Magazine (back issue)
  • Do not add promotional sentences in this section e.g. visit us at
  • Item weights are to be included in the size and unit fields, not in the description
  • Any item descriptions that do not meet the style requirements will be adjusted


  • Size of each item. Size can either be a weight, volume or length.
  • If item does not require a size value (e.g. Teddy Bear), leave blank


  • Choose the unit from the dropdown list when a value has been entered into the size field, or N/A
  • If the item does not have a unit size available in the drop down list (e.g. XL T-Shirt) include this information in the description field


  • Recommended Retail Price of this item.

Choice of Group

  • Default is N/A
  • Only choose a group if you are offering a choice of items in your showbag
  • E.g. either a cap or sunglasses.  Each item is added separately where the Choice of Group is Group A for both
         Mountain View
  • If you are offering more than one “Choice of” options, use Group B for the 2nd group and Group C for the 3rd group
  • Standard items that are not part of a “Choice of” group, should have N/A in this field
  • Select Add
  • The item has now been added to the showbag
Modify a showbag Image
  • Select the Image tab
  • Select Upload
  • Select a file to upload from your device and select Open
  • Crop the Image so it is square and then select Update
Updating showbag locations
  • Select the Locations tab
  • Select the stall locations from the drop down list
    • Stall locations are pre-populated based on your contractual arrangement with Melbourne Royal®
  • Select Add
  • Select Approve

If you have any questions regarding your showbag listings or using the Showbag portal, please contact the Commercial Sales team on 03 9281 7444 or email