The McKean Family

Honorary Solicitors

Mr James McKean, an Australian solicitor and politician was elected the first Honorary member of the NASV in 1885, and began a family tradition of giving legal advice to the Society.

James McKean began colonial life in Australia in 1854, practicing as a solicitor and serving the North Gippsland area in Parliament.

On the 12th September, 1882, he was elected the Honorary Solicitor for the NASV and served for 19 years until his death in 1901, at which time his two sons took his place in the solicitor's office.

It was said that Mr James McKean took an enthusiastic interest in the affairs of the Society and was always ready and willing to provide his valuable professional advice. His two sons, Harry Tolhurst McKean and Alfred Hunt McKean, who had been working alongside their father before he died, served the Society together until mid-1906.

After this split, Alfred Hunt McKean separately continued his career while Harry McKean took on the role as Honorary Solicitor for the Society solo. Harry T. McKean served the Society as Honorary solicitor for over fifty years until his death in 1962.

McKean Park Lawyers, established in 1863 by James McKean, is still in operation today in Collins Street, Melbourne.

Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria 1916 Office Bearers honour board

1916 Office Bearers of the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria, Melbourne Royal Heritage Collection. Harry McKean is bottom row, five from the left.