Mr Charles Dehnert

A trailblazer in the world of Southdown Sheep

Charles Albert Dehnert, affectionately known as ‘Bert,’ made significant contributions to the Melbourne Royal Show through his involvement with Southdown sheep.

His remarkable achievements include winning the champion Southdown ram and ewe titles in 1950, showcasing his dedication to breeding excellence. 

Charles's passion for sheep extended beyond the show ring, as he also served on the Sheep Committee, becoming a respected figure within the Melbourne sheep breeding community. His commitment to the industry spanned decades, with photographs capturing his presence at the Royal Melbourne Show in 1958/59, alongside his family. 

His influence extended internationally as well, as he imported sheep from New Zealand and exported them to Japan, further contributing to the global recognition of Southdown sheep. 

The legacy of Charles's stud, Fernhill, established in the 1930s, continues to this day through his son Graeme, who proudly carries on the Fernhill prefix. His daughter, Lynette, sits on the Melbourne Royal Sheep Committee today and also runs a Southdown stud. 

Charles's dedication, networking skills, and the pride he took in his stud made him a valued and memorable figure in the Melbourne Royal Show's history.