Mr Graham Day OAM

Exhibiting and judging sheep and cattle for six decades

Graham Day’s journey with the Melbourne Royal Show began in 1955. It marked the start of a commitment to the show movement that spanned the next six decades. 

As well as exhibiting, Mr Day became a judge for both the sheep and cattle competitions, both at Melbourne Royal and further abroad in South Africa and New Zealand.

Amidst these different roles a pivotal highlight emerged in 1984. His Suffolk ram, Allendale Revised Edition, took out the coveted title of Supreme Champion Ram. Mr Day’s sheep and cattle regularly took out top honours at the Royal Melbourne Show. 

Despite his achievements in showing and judging, Mr Day’s proudest accomplishments transcend accolades. The bonds he forged and the friendships he nurtured stand as a testament to his enduring legacy. His influence extended to the popularity of the Poll Dorset and Suffolk breeds, with which he was intrinsically connected. 

Mr Day was honoured with an Order of Australia medal in 2020.