Mr Les Hooper

Sculpting the Southdown Legacy

Les Hooper established Clear Hills Southdown Stud in 1928 at just 15 years old, and his passion for the breed led to remarkable achievements. By the 1970s and 1980s, his stud had burgeoned to encompass an impressive 750-800 breeding ewes. This expansion positioned Clear Hills as one of the largest Southdown Studs in the Southern Hemisphere, if not the world.

Les Hooper's transformative work on the Southdown breed was instrumental in shaping its modern characteristics. He evolved the breed from its original form into a muscular, tall, and lean animal, aligning with the demands of the contemporary prime lamb industry. His dedication to this lifelong project brought about a shift from the traditional dark, woolly-headed Southdown to the improved, sought-after breed.

His impact extended to the Melbourne Royal Show, where he participated since 1959, consistently winning accolades and dominating the Southdown section for around a decade. His son, Graeme Hooper, recalls the walls of Les’s lounge decorated with a tapestry of champion rosettes from the Melbourne Royal -  each representing triumphs he was immensely proud of. 

Hooper's Clear Hills Stud continues his legacy by producing quality flock rams, stud rams, and ewes.