Mr Geoff Davey

A passion for Poll Dorsets

Geoff Davey stands out as a distinguished and influential personality within the Poll Dorset community, leaving an ineffable mark on the Melbourne Royal.

Since 1984, Geoff has contributed to the show as a steward and inspector of Poll Dorsets, and more recently, has successfully been running Stockscan Australia, a muscle scanning business in Kerang, Victoria, with his wife Julie.

Their services, focused on enhancing on-farm livestock practices, have been an integral part of the Melbourne Royal for over a decade. Though the business recently changed hands, their dedication and expertise have left a lasting impact.

Geoff’s passion for the betterment of the Poll Dorset breed led him to serve for many years as State President and Board Member of the Australian Poll Dorset Association, and until recently, Geoff also held the position of Federal President. 

Notably, Geoff played a pivotal role in organising the Melbourne Royal's 50th-anniversary celebration of the Poll Dorset breed - an event he considers the highlight of his years at the show.

With a wealth of experience in sheep breeding, a passion for advancing the industry and a straightforward nature that endears him to all, Geoff Davey's impact on the Melbourne Royal is enduring.