Mr Allen Snaith

Supporting youth development at the Show

Flanked by his mother and grandmother, Allen Snaith can vividly recall a 1950s childhood memory filled with the vibrant attractions of the Melbourne Royal Show. The spectacular sights of the grand parade and fireworks sealed the deal and a lifelong love for the Melbourne Royal Show took hold. 

In the 1980s, Mr Snaith purchased a farm in Clonbinane, north of Melbourne. In 1990, he introduced his daughter Tai to the Belted Galloway stud world by borrowing a heifer for the Handlers Camp. 

A family passion was born and from then on the Snaiths attended every Show, sometimes taking two teams of ten animals for their four children to prepare, parade and handle. Tai and her siblings, Chloe, Tom, Sally, worked with the cattle community at the Show, whilst living in the lockers in the shed. They won numerous Belted Galloway supremes, grand champions and most successful awards throughout the 1990’s until 2009.

Mr Snaith also chaired the Stud Beef Handlers Camp, nurturing the connection between young minds and the world of stud cattle. In recognition of his outstanding contributions, Mr Snaith was honoured with the prestigious President's Medal in 2005 by RASV President Jack Seymour. 

His dedication to youth development and the agricultural community led him to join the RASV Cattle Committee in 2004, a role he continues to fulfill.