Ms Carrie Paine

Meet the three time Best in Show winner at the Melbourne Royal All Breeds Championship Dog Show

Most people would consider winning Best in Show at Melbourne Royal a once in a lifetime experience. But with three titles under her belt, renowned Irish Setter breeder Carrie Paine may just have the luck of the Irish on her side.

Carrie’s dedication to purebred dogs began in 1975 after her parents bought her an Irish Setter. During the ensuing 45 years, she shone at the highest levels of breeding, conformation, obedience and tracking.

In 1998 she won the ultimate award of Best in Show at the Melbourne Royal Show with her Irish Setter Tui. This feat was repeated again in 2001 with her Irish Setter Dylan and yet again in 2016 with her Irish Setter Cilla.

Carrie’s highly regarded ‘Tullane’ Irish Setters have featured extensively in the pedigrees of many successful kennels internationally. Acknowledged as a scholar of breed standards, Carrie enjoyed the learning challenge and growing as a judge. She regularly officiated throughout Australia and New Zealand, and also judged in America, England and Europe. 

Carrie Paine kneels hugging two Irish Setter dogs at either side.