Ms Fiona Martin

Weaving a lasting tapestry of alpaca passion and human compassion

Fiona Martin, a spirited figure in the alpaca industry, made a lasting impact on those who crossed paths with her. Driven by a deep passion for alpaca fleece, Fiona regularly travelled from Victoria to acquire livestock and arrange stud male matings.

Beyond her alpaca pursuits, Fiona showcased her talents in orthopaedic surgery as a dedicated scrub sister to a prominent surgeon in Victoria. In 2009, she willingly volunteered her services for pro bono cataract surgeries for the indigenous Peruvian population, embodying unwavering commitment as both a nurse and organiser during these missions.

Within the Australia Alpaca Association and as an avid exhibitor at the Melbourne Royal, Fiona held influential roles, including chairing the Melbourne Royal Alpaca Committee and managing the alpaca fashion parades. Her expertise in the SRS breeding system, developed by Dr. Jim Watts, was evident in her successful breeding of high-quality alpacas throughout her career.

Fiona Martin being honoured during her mission in Peru.

Fiona Martin being honoured during her mission in Peru.

Fiona's legacy endures in the memories of those fortunate enough to know her. Remembered as a stylish, gentle, good-humoured and generous lady of great integrity, her untimely passing in 2015 left a void in the hearts of those who cherished her company.