The Christie Family

Preserving heritage: Ian and Rae Christie’s profound impact on the Melbourne Royal

Ian and Rae Christie's contributions to the Melbourne Royal Show are nothing short of profound. Their enduring commitment spans four generations, with Lincoln sheep being an integral part of their family heritage since 1873.

Over the years, they have taken immense pride in their Garvald Lincoln stud and have generously donated their time in various volunteer roles, most notably in the Junior Judging competition where Rae Christie eagerly assumes the role of steward each year.  

Their passion for preserving rare sheep breeds has been passed along the family line from Ian’s uncle, Colin Christie, who co-founded Heritage Sheep Australia with John Beard and Ian Bucknall. Their goal was to safeguard foundational sheep breeds for the wool industry, and managing the Heritage Sheep display each year at the Melbourne Royal Show is part of Ian and Rae’s ongoing commitment to this cause.

Despite the challenges in finding genetics to sustain rare breeds, the couple remains dedicated to their Garvald Lincoln stud at Byaduk, emphasising the breed's exceptional qualities, such as excellent mothering ability and high lambing rates. They find great satisfaction in supporting fellow breeders and nurturing the next generation of Lincoln enthusiasts.

The Heritage Sheep display at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Show.

The Heritage Sheep display at the 2023 Melbourne Royal Show.