With a diverse panel of over 75 judges led by three Head Judges, we aim to represent a range of brewing industry professionals from around the globe. Each judge brings unique skills, industry insights, sensory strengths, and a positive commitment to improvement and knowledge sharing. This ensures a broad range of perspectives and opinions on the entries, promising an exciting and well-rounded competition.

Head Judges

Overseeing the panel in their capacity as rotating Head Judges will be industry veterans Tina Panoutsos, Warren Pawsey, and Justin Fox.

  • Tina Panoutsos from CUB and Asahi brings over 30 years of experience in various roles across the beer industry, including sensory, quality assurance, and marketing.
  • Warren Pawsey, Consultant, has over 35 years of experience in brewing and has worked with various breweries across the industry.
  • Justin Fox, a brewing consultant and Australian agent for Bespoke Brewing Solutions, has a decade's worth of experience in beer judging and technical roles with breweries of all sizes.

Together, these head judges will ensure the competition runs smoothly and fairly, upholding the highest standards in beer judging.


2024 Judging Panel to be announced...