Can a brand owner enter on behalf of a producer?

To be eligible for an Australian International Coffee Awards trophy, the exhibit must be submitted by the producer of the exhibit entered. A brand owner or retailer may also enter an exhibit but ONLY if the producer of the contracted product is listed. Trophy status will recognise the producer of the exhibit on behalf of the retailer or brand owner.

Does the product I enter need to be available for commercial sale?

Yes, the product being entered must be a commercially available product. All entries should be as per a normal production run.

Is there a maximum number of entries?

A coffee can be entered into multiple categories where there is a different brew type (Espresso, Milk Based or Filter), but only once per category.

How much does it cost to enter?

$160 AUD per online entry. Entry is online only. No entry will be accepted until receipt of the entry fee is received in full.