What are the entry prerequisites?

All exhibits entered at the Melbourne Royal® Show must be registered in a recognised Australian Herd Book of their breed and have a background of at least five recorded generations of their breed. You can find out more by reading the entry booklet. 

Do I require a NLIS certificate upon entry?

For the ease of entry and benefit to exhibitors the visual NLIS and registration certificates will not be required at the time of entry. However registration certificates of exhibits will still be required for inspections at the Melbourne Royal® Show.

Can I enter one animal in both the Dairy Competition and the Youth Handlers Classic?

An animal can be entered in the Dairy Competition OR the Dairy Youth Handlers Classic, OR BOTH. If an animal is entered in both competitions, it can be led by different handlers in each, or the same handler in both. One entry fee per animal is applicable. If an animal is entered in both the Show and the Classic, only one entry fee is payable.

Will COVID effect the show?

Melbourne Royal® will work closely with DOH to ensure that the Melbourne Royal® Show is compliant with all COVID Safe requirements as directed by Government and to optimise the safety for all patrons, Exhibitors, staff and competitors. To keep up to date on the most current plans to keep Melbourne Showgrounds COVID Safe, visit our COVID Safe FAQ page.