You can find out more about entering the Melbourne Royal® All Breeds Championship Show with these frequently asked questions.
How will COVID-19 influenced border restrictions and potential closures impact the Melbourne Royal® Show?

In the event that the Melbourne Royal® or a competition/awards program is cancelled due to COVID–19 health regulations or if state borders restrictions are enforced and the Exhibitor is unable attend the Show, Melbourne Royal® will provide a full refund on entry fees, pre-purchased onsite accommodation fees (lockers and camping), showgrounds parking fees, showgrounds stabling/bedding fees and pre-ordered catalogues.

Melbourne Royal® will not be liable for any other costs incurred. RASV will provide a pro-rata refund of fees in the event that Show days are cancelled due to COVID-19.

Further information is available in section 3.2 of the Melbourne Royal® General Regulations, which is located in the Competition Schedule and Catalogue.

What are the entry prerequisites?

All dogs entered must be registered with the relevant State Controlling Body, only breeds recognised for conformation showing by the ANKC can enter and age criteria needs to be observed when entering a dog into a particular class. 

For more information, see the Schedule. 

When do entries open and close?

Dates to be announced.

When is judging?

Judging takes place during the Melbourne Royal® Show:

Melbourne Royal® All Breed Championship Show: Dates TBA.

Sweepstakes Day
Date TBA

General Specials Day
Date TVA

Action Dogs
Obedience Trial: Date TBA
Agility and Jumping: Date TBA
Agility Games and Open Jumping: Date TBA

When will the schedule and entry forms be available online?

The schedule and entry forms will be available online in May.