Major Awards

The 2024 Australian Distilled Spirits Awards offers nineteen trophies across eleven categories, including the Major Trophy ‘Champion Australian Distiller’. This trophy acknowledges outstanding achievement in distilling excellence, and is awarded each year to the distiller with the highest average score, calculated from the distiller’s top-three scoring exhibits.


Champion Australian Distiller
Champion Victorian Distiller
Champion Victorian Gin
Best Single Malt Whisky
Best Grain or Blended Whisky
Best London Dry Gin
Best New World / Contemporary Gin
Best Navy Gin
Best Fruit or Wine Gin
Best Other Gin (Not LD, NW or Navy)
Best Pure/Neutral Vodka
Best Flavoured Vodka
Best Brandy
Raymond ‘Spike’ Dessert III Trophy for Best Rum
Best Cane Spirit
Best Liqueur
Best Alternative Spirit
Best Bitter
Best Vermouth
Best Ready-To-Serve or Pre-Mix
Best Design

For the full list of classes, see the entry booklet.