When is the Melbourne Royal Show?

The dates for the 2024 Melbourne Royal Show are 26 September – 6 October.

When do nominations open/close?

You can find all the key dates here or subscribe for updates via the this link.

Do I get a discount if I’m a Melbourne Royal member?

Yes, Melbourne Royal® members (full membership only) are entitled to discounted rates for acceptance fees, stable daily rates, catalogue, complimentary admission for you and a guest, plus access to exclusive member hospitality areas.

Please ensure your membership is fully paid prior to entering the Melbourne Royal® Horses in Action competition.

Restricted and Junior Members are not eligible for discounted rates.

How can I have my horse measured prior to the Melbourne Royal Show?

Melbourne Royal is accepting Show Horse Council National Height certificates and Equestrian Australia Measuring Cards at the Melbourne Royal Show. Melbourne Royal will hold a pre-Show measuring day in conjunction with Show Horse Council and Equestrian Australia. Subscribe for updates via think link.

Are all nominations accepted?

All nominations will be sorted by section. After the close of nominations the required number of Exhibits in each section will be selected from the top ranked entries. Exhibitors who have been accepted will receive notification of acceptance in August. Exhibitors who are ranked outside of the required number in each section will be advised that their entry has not been accepted. Nomination fees for non-accepted exhibits will not be refunded.

When are acceptances released?

Acceptances are released at the end of July.

Do I need to qualify to enter the Melbourne Royal Show?

Yes. All Open Saddle Classes, Show Hunters and Rider Classes must meet the minimum performance requirements. To compete in the Harness Section, exhibits must have exhibited successfully at an affiliated Agricultural Show, Harness Show or State Royal Show. Showjumping exhibitors must submit details of performances and points accrued during the qualifying period as outlined in the Performance Guidelines.

For Hunting classes, the Hunt Club Master is to nominate qualified horses.

What is the administration fee?

All nominations are submitted through the online entry system. Entries will incur a $20 Administration Fee (per exhibitor) for incorrect information or any alterations to entries. For assistance with the online entry system, please send an email to the Equestrian Events Office to horses@melbourneroyal.com.au.

What horse registrations are accepted?

All exhibits entered in the Saddle Section must be registered with a recognised breed society, Show Horse Council of Australasia, Equestrian Australia or registered on the National Saddle Horse Register. All Showjumping Exhibits must be registered with Equestrian Australia and have a current Showjumping performance card. Showjumping riders must be financial members of Equestrian Australia. Breed Classes must be registered with their breed society.

All Exhibits must be Microchipped.

What accommodation options are available?
Space is available for a limited number of trucks and floats fitted for accommodating people located on Melbourne Showgrounds. Power and limited toilet and shower facilities are available. All trucks must be fitted with a functioning battery operated smoke detector installed in areas occupied by people. Please be aware that trucks and floats will be located approximately 800 metres from the horse precinct. The number of camping sites available is limited and priority is given to exhibitors travelling large distances.
Lockers are available for Exhibitors to store equipment and sleep in. Lockers measure 1.8m x 2.4m and contain an individual light but no heating, cooling or power points. Locker facilities are very limited and provision of a locker is not guaranteed if requested.
If accommodation is required it is recommended that off-site accommodation arrangements are made in case of locker unavailability.
Can I request a stable location?

We allocate stables according to availability and unfortunately cannot accommodate any specific requests.

Will my horses be stabled together?

We try to keep horses entered together next to each other, there will be an option on your nomination to request an adjacent stable however we cannot guarantee we will be able to accommodate these requests.

Can I have an additional locker to store my equipment?

Demand for lockers can exceed the number of lockers available. Exhibitors can request the number of lockers they wish to have but are not guaranteed they will get the requested amount. The option to have an extra locker may arise at a later date once all lockers have been allocated.

Is parking provided with my entry?

No. Exhibitors can purchase a horse transport vehicle parking space, which is to be filled out on the nomination form. Due to limited space, vehicles that are not towing a horse float will not be permitted into the float parking area.

When is arrival / delivery?

Please refer to the Schedule for the arrival and departure timetable.

Can I bring my horse in early or leave early?

All exhibitors are to adhere to the arrivals and departures times listed in the Schedule. Exhibitors will not be able to enter or leave the parking or horse vicinity outside the stipulated times. Exhibitors are to vacate their locker and stable prior to their departure time.

How many exhibitor passes am I allocated?

Full Show passes will be issued to accepted exhibitors as follows: 1- 2 horses =  two passes, 3 - 5 horses = three passes, 6 or more horses = four passes. 

How do I withdraw my entry?
All withdrawals must be made in writing and submitted to Melbourne Royal® Equestrian Events Section. During the Show, exhibitors who are unable to present to accepted classes must notify the Horse Superintendents Office in writing of the withdrawal no later than 5pm the day prior to when each class is scheduled to take place.
If I withdraw before the close of nominations will I receive a refund?

There will be no refund of nomination or acceptance fees after the close of entries.