Melbourne Royal Poultry Judges 2024

Although we have made the difficult decision to cancel the Melbourne Royal Poultry Competition we would like to thank those that had committed their time and energy in agreeing to judge the 2024 show. We appreciate the commitment all judges make in order for us to run our competitions and look forward to welcoming you back with a full slate of poultry competitions when we recommence in the future. 




Section 1 Bantam Hardfeather OEG

Jonathan Glover (QLD)

Section 2 – Bantam Hardfeather other than OEG

Mick Pilly (QLD)

Section 3 - Softfeather bantam light 

Robbie Walsh (VIC)

Section 4 - Soft feather Bantam Heavy  

Grahame Sharpe (NSW) 

Section 5 (partial) Standard Hardfeather 

Jonathan Glover (QLD)

Section 6 & 7 - Softfeather light and heavy
(except Australorp)

Brendan Sharpe (NSW)

Section 8 - Waterfowl 

Joel Stingle (TAS)

Specials & Juniors 

Peter Spotswood (TAS)


Michael Jones (VIC)

Poultry Art Competition

Malcolm Sanders (ACC)