Advisory Groups & Committees

Melbourne Royal® has a number of advisory groups and committees that provide support and expert advice across the Melbourne Royal Show competitions and Melbourne Royal's award programs.

Melbourne Royal has a well-connected network of industry advisory groups and committees who provide support and expert advice across the Melbourne Royal Show competitions and the Melbourne Royal award programs.

The role of a committee or industry advisory group is to work with Melbourne Royal staff to ensure the delivery of events that are relevant, engaging and assist in further education and promotion of Victorian agriculture.

The members of these committees and industry advisory groups are appointed by the Board and are experts in their field. They provide insight into the latest industry trends and movements and advice on how to refine and advance the competitions.

Melbourne Royal Competitions

All Breeds Championship Show (Dogs)

Gael Wilcock, Chair
Judith Oliver, Vice Chair
Tyron Atkinson
Christina John
Heather Tilley
Kira Wilkinson

Art, Craft & Cookery

Malcolm Sanders, Chair
Pam Mawson OAM, Vice Chair
Susan Campbell-Wright
Ramona Barry
Leanne Compton
Christina Despoteris OAM
Merrilyn Laws
Christina Spurrell
Christine Warren
Chelsea Wearne, Committee Intern
Katrina Wheaton-Penniall


Louise Lazarus
Trevor Parry

Beef Cattle

David Bolton, Chair
Cindy Smith
Matt Cooney, Committee Intern
Jo Mclauchlan
Sam Nelson
Duncan Newcomen
Jess Sharp
Allen Snaith
Gary Turnham
Vanessa Wenn


Roger Wilkinson, Chair
Paul Ferronato
Doug Hopkins
Norm Tozer
Craig Trickey
Samantha Wan
Helen Wright


Colleen Lazenby, Chair
Steve Campbell-Wright
Elizabeth Lithgow
Michael Martin
Tim Morgan
Jason Ronald OAM
Ray Tonkin
Michael Tonta


Bernie Hearn, Chair
Peter Clohesy
Dean Matthews
Elizabeth Porter
Leanne Tarranto
Callum Taylor
Warren Worboys


Michael Holmes, Chair
Natalie Akers
Murray Akers
Bill Bergin
Roger Hancock
Megg Miller OAM
Tony Milton
Neil Penny


Mathew Hill, Chair
Graeme Collins
Lynette Dehnert
John Downing
Bron Ellis
Jill Noble
Tess Runting, Committee Intern
Elizabeth Russell
Bruce Starritt
Gavin Wall

Veterinarian, Biosecurity, Animal Welfare, Traceability Advisory Group 

Dr Catherine Ainsworth, Chair
Dr Chris Heislers
Dr Charles Blackwood


Melbourne Royal Awards

Australian Distilled Spirits Awards

Caroline Ashford
Sebastian Costello
Stuart Gregor
Luke McCarthy
Sebastian Reaburn
Julian White
Shaun Byrne​

Australian Food Awards

Phillippa Grogan
Anna Kelly
Adrian Richardson
Carol Rothschild

Australian International Beer Awards

Craig Bowen
Justin Fox
Tina Panoutsos
Warren Pawsey
Jayne Lewis

Australian International Coffee Awards

Melissa Caia
Georgia Major
Adam Metelmann
Dean Slade

Melbourne Royal Wine Awards

Emma Brown
Mel Chester, Chair of Judges
Jeni Port
Rohan Smith

Melbourne Royal Initiatives

Emerging Leaders Advisory Group

Andrew Spierings, Chair
Alexandra Pattinson, Vice-Chair
Giorgi Boucher
Grace Calder
Ashlea Cross
Michaela Glasser
Tom Havers
Alexandra Pattinson, Committee Intern
Kimberly Pellosis