Melbourne Royal® is governed by a Board comprising ten Directors. The overarching objectives are to represent and serve the interests of members, guide and monitor the business, and implement good corporate governance structures consistent with relevant ASX governance principles, specifically to:
  • Provide strategic guidance and approve the organisation’s strategic/business plans, budgets and performance targets;
  • Lay solid foundations for management and oversight;
  • Structure the Board to add value;
  • Promote ethical and responsible decision making;
  • Safeguard integrity in financial reporting;
  • Recognise and manage risk;
  • Encourage enhanced performance – from economic, social and environmental standpoints;
  • Remunerate fairly and responsibly;
  • Recognise the legitimate interests of stakeholders.

The Board continues to foster strong relationships with the Royal Agricultural Society of Victoria Ltd joint venture partner and ensure that the redevelopment project objectives are achieved.