What We Do

Melbourne Royal® is a not-for-profit organisation, supported and guided by a number of advisory groups and committees, whose members are selected by the Melbourne Royal® Board.

The members of these groups are experts in their industry and help to shape and develop a vibrant calendar of events and competitions, including food and drink award programs, on-farm events, agricultural competitions and Victoria’s largest and most iconic annual community event, the Melbourne Royal Show.

This iconic Melbourne based event is part of Melbourne’s culture and heritage and Melbourne Royal® is proud to be custodians to pass this experience on to future generations.

Melbourne Royal benefits the local community by promoting and celebrating Victorian agricultural produce and producers, through world-class events and programs that connect industry with consumer. 

Each of these events recognise and celebrate excellence and act as a unique platform for industry promotion and education. 

Furthermore, in a joint venture, Melbourne Royal is responsible for the management of Melbourne Showgrounds, where the organisation's office is located.

Melbourne Royal aims to attract and retain best people, improving governance and volunteer engagement, providing learning opportunities and inspiring leadership.